2 shot during armed robbery


Two people were injured when seven armed men stormed a Chinese-owned business in Ha Mafefooane, Roma yesterday evening. 

The injured according police spokesperson Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli included a security guard and a female Chinese shopkeeper.

The suspects who were armed with an assortment of firearms arrived at the supermarket around 5pm and ordered everyone, including the customers to lie down on the floor. 

Mopeli said they then shot the Chinese woman who was at the till and stole an undisclosed sum of cash. 

The security guard and another Chinese shopkeeper, a male fled and hid in a nearby toilet when the suspects muscled their way into the supermarket. 

Mopeli said one of the suspects followed the pair to the toilet but was allegedly shot by the Chinese man as attempted to force open the door.

Traces of blood allegedly belonging to the suspect were later found near the toilet door. 

Mopeli said a navy blue VW Golf was earlier that day seen making several rounds near the business before the alleged robbery. 

The same car was seen by eye-witnesses parked a few metres away from the store during the alleged robbery, he also said. 

Police believe the vehicle was used as the suspects’ get-away car. 

No arrests have been made in connection with the incident. 

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