Court of Appeal sitting resumes

Following high level meetings by stakeholders in the judiciary over failure of the sitting of the Court of Appeal for April session due to lack of funds, arrangements have been made to allow for the sitting of the session to resume from Monday next week.

The court’s Assistant Registrar Advocate Mosito Rabotsoa confirmed on Friday that the sitting of the court’s session will resume from Monday next week and will deliver judgments up until Friday, May 31.

Advocate Rabotsoa explained that 23 appeals that comprise 22 civil appeals and one criminal appeal will be heard by a panel of Judges whose names would be confirmed later on Friday.

Asked whether an appeal concerning the recent ABC case ruling has been filed and will also be heard during the session, Advocate Rabotsoa indicated that such an appeal is not among the 23 that will be heard as it has not yet been filed before court.

He however explained that “it can happen that such an appeal could also be heard in this session if a special request is made on time and is approved by the President of the Court.”

Advocate Rabotsoa also indicated that another interesting appeal concerning the wool and mohair case has been filed before court but it does not appear on the roll of appeals to be heard this session.

The failure of the sitting of Court of Appeal session in April has caused row within the political circles and the legal fraternity. However, the chief magistrate announced on April 30, 2019 that funds amounting to around M1,9 million have been secured for the sitting of the coming Court of Appeal session.

The Law Society of Lesotho through its President Advocate Tekane Maqakachane has written a letter informing all members of the society that the court’s sitting will resume next week and therefore they should prepare themselves.


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