Culture activist urges girls to preserve virginity

A culture activist, ‘Mampoi Matete, is urging girls to preserve their virginity, arguing it is also in compliance with the Basotho culture.

According to Matete, founder and representative of Karabo Mekhoa le Meetlo Association (KMMA), “helping girls maintain their virginity remains key if Lesotho is to have women who can transform families and the country for the better.”

Said Matete: “We undertook study tours with local girls to foreign countries in order to help them learn how other girls are able to maintain their virginity in line with their cultures. Girls from different schools such as Mohale’s Hoek high school have benefitted from this initiative.”

She said the intention of raising awareness of girls about preservation of virginity is to build strong future families and the campaign will continue in other districts with Leribe being the next on the line this year.

“We are also working hand in hand with parents and guardians as they remain key stakeholders in guiding children,” she said.

KMMA was formed with the intention to find various means of helping girls preserve their virginity, promoting the local culture so as to grow and ensure stable families.

The association is supported by the family of the Principal Chief of Koeneng, Chief Lesaoana Peete and Bishop Teboho Ramela as well as the Leribe District Administrator, among others.


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