Government commits to create jobs for youths

The government has pledged to create jobs for youths by signing an agreement with a delegation from Malaysia.

The government of Lesotho is committed to the implementation of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDI) following the signing of an agreement by the Minister of Communications, Science and Technology with the Malaysian delegation last week.

Chief Thesele ‘Maseribane signed on behalf of the government of Lesotho at the signing ceremony held at the ministry’s boardroom.

After the signing ceremony, ’Maseribane said PEMANDI is all about job creation for the youth in which the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture are expected to come up with projects as part of job creation.

’Maseribane said his ministry is planning to dispense with a lot of paperwork in which all government documents will migrate from analogue to digital.

He made an example of the Hansard produced at the National Assembly or Senate which needs to be digitised as part of saving costs of the paperwork, adding that many jobs will be created during the process.

’Maseribane said the Lesotho National Broadcasting Services (LNBS) will come up with policies in which it will encourage Basotho youth to produce Basotho-owned content as part of job creation.

He also noted that the ministry has already engaged the private sector with a view to diversifying textile manufacturing.

“There are already Basotho owned companies which have shown interest of owning television stations,” he highlighted.

The Minister said they will be gender sensitive during the process in order to engage women owned companies, adding that BAM which he said is a Basotho owned company is already on board.

However, he said in order for all these projects to be a success, they need political stability regardless of whether they are in the opposition or government side as the country’s economic growth needs to be given a priority.

Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Development Planning Ms. Mahlape Ramoseme who is Director Policy and Strategic Planning said PEMANDI was first launched in 2017 with a view of accelerating job creation.

She said infrastructure development, manufacturing, tourism and education as well as agriculture were identified as the areas of concern in accelerating job creation.

Ramoseme also highlighted that water, electricity, roads and technology could be used to increase the country’s Gross Domestic Products (GDP).


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