Lesotho-Nigeria urged to improve relations

Basotho of Nigerian origin and Nigerian citizens living in Lesotho have urged the two nations to improve relations for mutual economic development.

“Both countries have opportunities which they can use for their development. They should form a link for economic improvement,” said Abiola Akintunde, Secretary-General of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO)-Lesotho Chapter.
Speaking in Maseru this week Akintunde stated that as part of the Nigerian community in Lesotho, members of NIDO-Lesotho were making it their responsibility to ensure that both countries strengthen their relations.
With the Easter holidays around, Akintunde appealed to the Nigerians who would be visiting Lesotho during the holidays to be law abiding. He discouraged them from engaging in any criminal activities, no matter how small.
He said: “Those who are already in Lesotho should work together and eradicate the stigma around the Nigerians. Our behaviour will always determine the relations between Lesotho and Nigeria as well as other countries.”
He encouraged Nigerians to always think of the law in whatever they do. He appealed to them to give back to the community and encouraged them to engage in developmental activities.
NIDO was registered in Lesotho in 2007 with the aim to bring together all Nigerian professionals, entrepreneurs and academia in Lesotho.
It is mandated to channel technical capabilities of the Nigerian professionals in Lesotho towards goal-oriented developments for the benefit of Nigeria and Lesotho.


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