Panel counsels Fokothi marketing students


A seminar was held for Lerotholi Polytechnic marketing students in second and third year to enlighten them on their prospects in marketing in the various sectors around the country.

The seminar specifically targeted second year and third year marketing students because the current second year students will soon be attached at different placements, while the third year students will be following different career paths after graduation.

The co-ordinator of the event, Lisemelo Mokorosi, said first year students were not included because they are expected to have an opportunity to have a similar event in coming years at the college.

“This was a collaborative idea between I and the second year’s class representative, because we are in positions of leadership, we know what our respective classmates need,” Mokorosi said.

Mokorosi said the seminar had a carefully selected panel of guests who could inspire the students to do more and help them get out of their comfort zone. The distinguished guests were selected on merit based on what they do and who they are.

She said she needed the third year students to be reassured of the reality they will face after graduation, not just the hardships but also the career progression within the marketing field.

One of the students Refiloe said he saw that his fellow classmates needed an in-depth view on how the industry is as they are about to go into it in a few months.

Presenting their stories which were intended to motivate students, Thapelo Donald Ntsiki, a lawyer by profession who has practiced law for four and is also a business owner, as founder of Donny’s fresh and dried fruits said he chose that type of business because he thought of coming up with a different idea as a lawyer.

As a lawyer and a small business owner he said life of trying to balance two conflicting interests had not been easy. “We live in country where there is lack of jobs for us to sustain our lives, and we are told to go into business to make our own money and be our own bosses,” he said.

Besides the skills they have gained at school, he said they have other special gifts that God, nature or the universe has given them which they can make use of to earn a living. He maintained that it is not going to be easy, but insisted it is something that can be done.

Some of the lessons Ntsiki has gained in his business and professional life he said include taking risks, but emphasised these need to be calculated first.

He said in life, one needs to know oneself first; understand one’s strengths, weaknesses, background and the current position and use those to help figure out who one wants to be.

He advised the students to have faith, because faith is the ability to see the invisible, to believe in the impossible and to trust in the unknown.

Shingie Mpesi, director and co-founder of MoTown promotions, marketing and media, particularly addressing third year students, said their time for theory is over and what they need to do is to be ready for practical life.

When they come out of school, they are going into the real world where there is no time to play, he advised.

The event was in preparation for the open day which will be held on May 23 and 25, 2019, so as the marketing department could equip their teams on how they will need to be selling their programme and the school in general.

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