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A farmer can now grow vegetables all year long


May 9, 2018 1 min read

I met Thabo Lefatle on a cold winter day in Lesotho. We – a team from the World Bank Communications Department – had driven an hour and a half south of the capital Maseru to get to his farm. As we travelled through different parts of the small mountainous kingdom, we met several farmers to find out exactly how the Smallholder Agriculture Development Project (SADP) impacted their lives.

Through the SADP, supported by the World Bank, 55,000 farmers in Lesotho have applied for and won public grants that have helped them increase their productivity and have better access to markets. Thabo is one of those farmers.

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When I spoke with him, I could see how much he cared about his farm and how happy he was to share his achievements with us. He even spoke about how proud his late father would have been to see him planting under two greenhouses and supplying green vegetables from his small farm all the way to the South African border. Thabo’s story is the first in a series of videos about farmers from across Lesotho. Here is his story in his own words. World Bank

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