Alliance strengthens bid to curb traffic jam


Alliance Insurance company has stepped up its bid to improve the Thusanang campaign intended to reduce road traffic jam in Maseru.

Thusanang campaign is an innovation from Alliance to help the Lesotho Mounted Police Service (Traffic department) to reduce the prevailing congestion of road traffic in Maseru.

This information was disclosed at a press conference which was held at the Alliance Premises on April 27, 2019.

Alliance Insurance Thusanang campaign was established eight months ago to reduce congestion on road traffic which is caused by the influx of imported used cars and poor roads infrastructure, especially during rush hour when passengers are ferried to and from their workplaces.

Even though traffic police have tried to increase their traffic checkpoints in Maseru, road traffic jam still remains a challenge in town.

According to Thuso Mapetla from Alliance Insurance, his company purchased 18 road signs, four of which will be used to help scholars at pedestrian crossings.

Mapetla further explained that his company has identified all the necessary material that can help them with outstanding traffic control service delivery hence they purchased additional traffic signs that will make their work easy.

“With traffic signs our traffic police will be in a position to do their work efficiently without any obstacles,” Mapetla said.

Khotso Motseki, inspector of the Thusanang campaign, explained that the campaign has a positive impact in reducing traffic jam.

Motseki was quick to mention that their main challenge comes from taxi drivers who defy rules of traffic in the absence of Traffic Police since police normally arrive late at their traffic check points.

However, Motseki said they observed very good co-operation between traffic police and his office as such service delivery is very smooth and helpful to Basotho at the large.

On other hand, Makhozi Foko, Thusanang Campaign Support Officer, said they are committed to ensuring that the lives and properties of Basotho are safe therefore they will try by all means to ease road traffic in Maseru adding that they will also promote safety measures of scholars at pedestrian crossings.

Foko concluded that the company acknowledges that it is through the support of host communities that Alliance is able to maintain its place within the insurance industry adding that his company is driven by its core values of being committed to the community and maintaining its promise of giving back to the society.

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