Art show a great success

The founder and organiser of a local online retail store  Tokelo ‘Shipa’ Mofokeng has described an event held last Saturday to showcase various garments and designs by young designers producing different kinds of art works as a huge success.

Mofokeng said the show was meant to set as a platform for young entrepreneurs and artistes to both market their products and showcase their talent.

“Young Basotho business people are in dire need of platforms to showcase and expose their products to both local and international markets, hence the event,” he said.

He said their aim is to give all local brands a platform to exhibit their work in a safe space.

He said they were aware that sometimes brand owners clash over markets, hence the need to unite all brands under one roof.

He said they have an understanding that as Basotho entrepreneurs, they need to collaborate in order to move forward together.
Khojane Lepholisa, Lesotho’s very own sneaker-trend analyst also attended the show.

“Young Basotho artists have to work on increasing their social media following if their aim is to be recognised both internationally and locally,” Khojane said.

He said, whilst initiatives such as that event were an ideal place for local artistes to start, they also need to grow to gain moral support from both their parents and the government.

The proprietor of Café What and renowned local film-maker Kaizer Mats’umunyane who also attended the show pledged his support to the development of creative arts in Lesotho, adding that he was willing to offer youths a platform to exhibit their artwork.

Mats’umanyane said there should be more exhibition centres such as art galleries, fashion houses and others to host the robust industry of creativity that the youth seems to be venturing into.

The atmosphere was filled with art and creativity, as most of the people related their experience towards the event. The show is one of the many strides that young Basotho business community is taking to fight unemployment.

Among the activities at the event was a music competition, which ended the day with all winners of the seven stages of the competition pocketing a cash price of M5 000 each.
That was the first event of this nature to be held in Lesotho by young aspiring artistes and business people.


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