Sept. 11, 2021


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Fuel prices go down

Fuel prices go down

Story highlights

  • Pump price of petrol reduced by 20 lisente per litre
  • It is illegal to charge ungazetted prices

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FUEL prices went down effective from Friday with the pump prices of petrol 93 and petrol 95 reduced by 20 lisente per litre.

Therefore the new prices stand at M14.90 and M15.05 respectively.
According to The Executive Secretary of Petroleum Fund, Thato Mohasoa, the pump price of diesel 50 has been reduced by 30 lisente per litre and is now M14.45.
The price of illuminating paraffin, he said went down by 20 lisente and is now M10.20 per litre.
Based on these adjustments, the Petroleum Fund has appealed to retailers to charge proper prices as it is illegal to charge prices that are different from the gazetted ones.


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Petroleum Fund (The Fund) was established with the mandate to finance petroleum related projects, to address the objectives of its enabling legislation which addresses, among others, the purchase of petroleum products in times of need and the improvement of the distribution of petroleum products throughout the country.
The foremost priorities of the Fund will, in the short to medium terms, be on its mandate of ensuring the security of supply of petroleum products. LeNA


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