Feb. 12, 2021


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Halo Labs provides updates on Bophelo Bioscience

Halo Labs provides updates on Bophelo Bioscience

Chairman of Halo Labs board Louisa Mojela

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HALO Labs, a Canadian based international leading cannabis company that cultivates, extracts, manufactures and distributes quality cannabis flower, oils and concentrates, the Mafeteng based Bophelo Bioscience has been operating during the COVID-19 pandemic with special approval from the local police.

“The first of three planned 2021 crops is already underway with a quarter of the summer harvest in the ground; 1 983 clones have filled 500 square meters of canopy. Bophelo anticipates planting 6 000 autoflower plants to fill an additional 2 000 square meters of hoop houses by the end of January 2021,” says Halo update.

Halo says by April 2021, Bophelo expects the harvest to yield approximately 800 kilograms of trimmed flower and 800 kilograms of material to produce medicinal cannabis oils.  Bophelo plans to plant second and third crop within 2021.

To support a planned year-round perpetual harvest and future exports to MedCan, Bophelo has also launched a Mother Program with diverse strains including those from OG DNA Genetics. Currently, 40 mother plants across ten strains are thriving. Bophelo plans to grow the mother stock to 150 plants across more strains by continuing the strain hunt.

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In addition, Louisa Mojela, Chair of the Board of Halo and well-known benefactor of the Lesotho community, has developed a recruitment program for local women to enter the Bophelo workforce to receive training in leading the day-to-day growing operations.

The Company plans to recruit and train 30 leads with a focus on women empowerment and build a talent pool capable of sustaining operations.

Bophelo is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Halo. Founded in Amsterdam in 2004, DNA Genetics is a global market leader in the production of high-quality cannabis seeds. DNA adopts a professional, responsible and technical approach in development of its cannabis strains.

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