Dec. 15, 2021


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Lesotho has potential to be giant trout producer

Lesotho has potential to be giant trout producer

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  • Many people in Lesotho fish on small and large scales for local consumption and export purposes
  • Local fishing industry has grown tremendously over the past few years with great potential for growth

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MOKHESENG Notši, the Deputy Commissioner of Cooperatives at the Ministry of Small Business Cooperatives and Marketing says Lesotho’s clear, glassy rivers and beautiful mountains make it a hotspot for fishing activities which through the development and establishment of cooperatives could be a great opportunity for job creation across the country.

He said the fishing industry in the country has grown tremendously over the past few years, adding that with foreign support and investment from the private sector, there is great potential for massive production.

Mr Notši said a great percentage of the country’s population practices fishing both on small and large scales for local consumption as well as export purposes.
Trout farming was first introduced in Lesotho in the 1880s, mainly for sport fishery.

However, in 1960, commercial production began in the country and has developed immensely over time.
There are two main types of trout found in the freshwater bodies in Lesotho.

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These are the brown trout, also known as the Salmo trutta and the rainbow trout, otherwise known as the onchorycus mykiss.
Lesotho produces about 300 metric tonnes of trout each year. Most of its production is large trout weighing 1kg and above. This is the standard size that is harvested mostly for commercial purposes. LeNA

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