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Lesotho intensifies recall of grape juice from shops

Sept. 11, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

FOLLOWING the announcement made to recall all Liquid Fruit red grape juice in 330ml cans from local retail stores, health inspectors in Thaba-Tseka have begun monitoring and removing the product from the shelves in Mantšonyane and Thaba-Tseka town.

According to the District Health Manager, Dr Rodriques Mwanawabene, the campaign started on Thursday and the product in question was confiscated from one shop and a wholesaler.

“The fact that we found the juice in that wholesaler is an indication that other shops in the district also stocked the drink,” he said.
Dr Mwanawabene said the campaign will move to Bokong before shifting to other areas in the district to ensure that all the cans bearing the specified codes have been removed from the shelves.
He appealed to the business community not to hide the product as it could be dangerous to consumers’ health.
The Director of Food Control in South Africa had written a communiqué to the Ministry of Health in relation to a precautionary recall of 330ml canned Liquid Fruit red grape juice produced by Pioneer Foods.
The communiqué showed that the expiry date of the product is April 01, 2021 and its printed barcode is 600124225592, outer case barcode is 6001240225615, shrink pack barcode is 6001240225608.


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It stated that the product was being recalled because of reports of small shards of glass found in a single batch.
The communiqué further stated that the product is believed to have been exported to Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

However, as a precautionary measure, the Ministry of Health in Lesotho has directed all the district health inspectors to take all necessary steps to remove from shelves the affected product and not to let it into the country at all ports of entry.


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