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Lesotho introduces enhanced strategies to promote trade

The Minister of Trade and Industry Dr Thabiso Molapo

Dec. 4, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

AS part of government’s initiatives to advance the country’ development for all investors both, domestic and foreign, the Ministry of Trade and Industry will on December 10 launch the National Trade Policy and National Export Strategy in Maseru.

The National Trade Policy framework (NTP framework) is a strategic development tool with specific focus and clear directives to guide both public and private in the promotion of domestic and international trade.

According a press statement released by the ministry on Thursday, the NTP framework has been developed in the context of Lesotho’s 2020 Vision and the National Strategic Development Plan II.

“It provides transparent guidelines to implement the government’s trade agenda and identifies goals aimed at advancing Lesotho’s development for all investors, both domestic and foreign.

“The National Export Strategy is an integral part of the NTF Framework, it is aimed at strengthening Lesotho export performance. When fully implemented, the two documents can contribute significantly towards private sector-led growth,” the statement says.

The Executive Director of the International Trade Centre Pamela Coke-Hamilton, said “Targeted efforts must be made to rebuild our economies, create jobs and foster growth, as we recover from the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic."

"The National Export Strategy provides a detailed roadmap for Lesotho to continue to build trade competitiveness and the International Trade Centre is here to support the implementation of the Strategy every step of the way.

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"The analysis in the National Export Strategy was completed prior to the global pandemic, but it is telling that the findings are more relevant now than ever. We, at theEnhanced Integrated Framework, are confident that this strategy will support Lesotho's resilience and recovery from COVID-19," shared Ratnakar Adhikari, the Executive Director of the Enhanced Integrated Framework.

The Minister of Trade and Industry Dr Thabiso Molapo along with Mr Adhikar and Ms Coke-Hamilton will host a press conference at the end of the launch.



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