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Lesotho’s obsolete airport gets new outfit

Moshoeshoe I International Airport

Dec. 18, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

New security scanning equipment of international standard have been installed for use at Lesotho’s Moshoeshoe I International Airport and it is expected to facilitate tender care services to especially tourists and investors.

Two airport X-rays and two metal detectors were inaugurated December 17 by public works and transport minister Tšoeu Mokeretla.

Valued over M3.2 million, the modern security equipment “will allow the country to be part of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) after it was excluded due to lack of correct security equipment at the airport,” Mr Mokeretla revealed.

Acknowledging that the airport is not in good condition Mr Mokeretla pleaded with employees to up their tempo and provide good services to passengers regardless of the sorry state of the airport until the time when overhaul repairs would be done.

Mr Mokeretla said the equipment would accelerate the processes of transiting domestic and international travellers who would now be separated to avoid clustering.

He explained: “These machines are also meant to assist airport security to detect illegal substances such as explosives, weapons and narcotics without having to physically search in the passenger’s hand luggage.”

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The new equipment will reduce human to human touch as passengers and their belongings will go through scanners with their luggage belt-conveyed through the X-ray machine through the detector.

“The detector will then display the contents on a monitor that will show the security all the substances in the bag; substances that are not permitted on board the aircraft will then be confiscated or restricted from boarding. On the other side, the metal detector will be used to detect any metal substances on the passenger’s body as they walk through the machine. If any metal items are found on the body of the passenger, they will be physically searched by the airport security to verify and act appropriately,” explained Senior Airport Security Officer Masasa Molomo.

According to Mr Mokeretla the installation of security equipment was just but the initial step of giving the airport the required facelift effective 2021 that would include building facilities and the airstrip runway so that even bigger passenger and cargo planes can utilise it.

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