Nov. 4, 2022


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LHDA donates 2 200 fruit trees in Mokhotlong

LHDA donates 2 200 fruit trees in Mokhotlong

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    Beneficiaries include schools and individuals with interest in fruit production
    Programme is meant to promote good nutrition

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DIFFERENT sectors of the Mokhotlong community will receive fruit tree donations from the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA) under its second phase of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project implementation.

The LHDA Polihali Branch Public Relations Officer, Ntoetsi Lerotholi said a total of 2 200 trees will be distributed to the farmers, adding that 1 100 of them will be pear trees while the rest will be apple trees.

The beneficiaries, she said, will include local high schools and individuals who have shown interest in fruit production.

“The donation of fruit trees is part of the Food Diversification Programme the LHDA is implementing in the district to promote good nutrition,” Lerotholi also said.
The programme was launched on Monday this week at Mokhotlong High School where 200 pear and 300 apple trees were donated.

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The school was also supplied with a variety of vegetable seeds for crop production and a unique type of bean called 'Lebete' which is said to have a high iron content needed by the human body. - LeNA

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