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LNDC wins international investment project award

LNDC boss Mohato Seleke

Oct. 24, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

THE Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC) has won the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) Investment Awards 2020 for the Project - Pure Salmon (8F Asset Management).

According to a press statement released by the corporation this week, the award was announced during an award ceremony hosted by AIM meeting on Thursday in Dubai.

The statement shows that the event awarded selected investment promotion agencies across the regions including Latin America & The Caribbean; Middle-East and North Africa; West and Central Africa; East Africa; Southern Africa; Central Asia, Caucasus & Russia; South, East Asia and Oceania; Eastern Europe, Turkey and Europe.
It points out that other award recipients on the African continent across the 10 categories include the Republic of Kenya; Republic of South Africa, Ghana and Equatorial Guinea.
It adds that this initiative was launched for the first time at AIM 2013 and has become a widely appreciated recognition of the best investment promotion Agencies (IPAs) attracting the best investment project in a given year.

The statement says nine international experts evaluated the short-listed projects based on investment size; trade balance effects; knowledge transfer; investor servicing process; sustainability and local linkages and impact of digitalisation on FDI attraction.

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It further states that the LNDC will receive comprehensive promotion and marketing through AIM Social Media and other global platforms that will strengthen Lesotho as an investment sourcing destination in Southern Africa.
The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) is an initiative from the UAE Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates. It is the World’s leading Investment-focused event to offer a perfect blend of trade fair and intellectual features aimed at enriching institutional, corporate and individual investors attending with a comprehensive set of guidelines for their future investment decisions in high growth regions.

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