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LRA launches online VAT-11 platform

LRA boss Thabo Khasipe

Dec. 1, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

THE Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) has launched an online VAT-11 certificate that will allow clients to apply online without having to visit LRA offices for assistance.

The VAT-11 online platform covers all documents and procedures for clearance of motor vehicles purchased locally and those imported from the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) countries as well as those bought from outside the SACU region.

This is to ensure that tax duties have been paid for all registrable goods in question.

The newly launched platform comes with reduced costs of production on the side of the revenue authority as well as enabling ease of compliance for clients.

People who cannot use the internet will be assisted upon arriving at the LRA offices until they can fully understand the system.

Clients can also apply for any form of modification online unlike previously when they had to travel to the LRA offices.

“We used to spend millions of maloti on preparing and printing both VAT-11 and tax clearance certificates. With the two of them combined, I think we were spending around M5 million just on preparing and printing the certificates.

“But now with the digital platforms, it means the cost of production is reduced. We want to make it as little painful as possible for our people to comply” the LRA Commissioner General Thabo Khasipe said during the launch on Tuesday.   

When building the new platform, the LRA was collaborating with other stakeholders such as the Interpol and the department of traffic to avoid any form of inconveniences.

These stakeholders were part of the consultations when building the new online system.

“The old methods of operation were time consuming and meant that people had to visit our offices physically. That negatively affected our trade patterns but we are happy now as we are continuing to build a service culture through digitisation.” Khasipe added.

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Establishing the online platform also means chances of fraud have been reduced. The revenue authority has lost a lot of money through a number of fraud cases, but now chances are slim.

“The government has lost a lot of revenue through fraud, but through online platforms, we are able to manage such risks through the use of QR Quotes. Previously it was difficult to identify fake certificates,” the commissioner general showed.

The authority further confirms that revenue collection will definitely be affected this year due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic across the globe.  









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