April 8, 2022


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Made in Lesotho Co-op to open first store

Made in Lesotho Co-op to open first store

Stanlib Lesotho extends a helping hand to MILCO

Story highlights

    Stanlib Lesotho aspires to become a great asset manager
    Many Basotho producers lack market exposure

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THE Made-in-Lesotho Cooperative (MILCO) has received a M101 000 donation from STANLIB Lesotho to set up business at Sefika Shopping Complex.

MILCO is the first of its kind chain store in Lesotho that sells only made in Lesotho products or services in all districts of the country and is registered under the small businesses ministry.

Asset Manager at STANLIB Lesotho, Bokang Mokoma said it aspired to become an asset manager whose relevance could only be judged by its impactful assistance to communities in Lesotho.
“We are happy to partner with institutions such as the National University of Lesotho Innovation Hub (NIH) that has incubated MILCO, trying to curb the high unemployment rate in Lesotho," said Mokoma.
MILCO was established by a number of Basotho who produce products and services in Lesotho but have not been fully been recognised.

Organiser, ’Makoena Lesiea said a lot of Basotho already produced good quality products but lacked market exposure among high competition.
“Therefore, the cooperative is aimed at showcasing Basotho products to the market all the while enhancing and adding value to them,” she also said.
“We will assist Basotho by ensuring that their products reach the market while advising for production of quality and standardisation for consumers,” Ms Lesiea said.
Producers, she added would also be assisted with branding, packaging and laboratory testing at NUL, where there are qualified technicians for such purposes.

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All products including foodstuffs, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, hair products, building materials, music, mobile money, music, books, bedding, furniture, kitchenware, heating tools, towels, will be catered for according to Ms Lesiea.

“The only condition is that they must be made in Lesotho,” she added.
The donation comes at a time MILCO members have individually been raising funds every month to build up the first pop-up store.

The first store will be established at Sefika Shopping Complex in Maseru and later in other districts before expanding outside the Lesotho borders.

MILCO will comprise a physical store, an online store and a wholesaler.

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