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No ID, No pension!

Pensioners queueng for their monthly stipends

Jan. 26, 2020 1 min read

1 min read

Old age pensioners and retiring civil servants have been warned to ensure that they have national identification cards (IDs) or lose the right to receive old age pension from government.

Come May 2020 “without presentation of the country’s IDs no one will be given the pension allowance” after the government tightened the pension purse through introduction of new payment technology meant to tighten the process with effective from May 1, 2020. The Ministry of Finance announced last week that issuance of national IDs will be at the top of priorities in 2020, especially to the elderly around the country in order to prepare them for eligibility to the monthly pension stipends.

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The government has therefore called upon all those who have qualified or closer to pension qualification to apply for the national IDs as soon as possible.

The government introduced the strict process after reports indicated that some traditional chiefs have been exploiting the weak system by certifying under-pension-age-adults and those who are already dead for pension, illegally syphoning millions of Maloti from government.

Several reports were also presented before the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) that some public officers responsible for processing pensions payments were found to have used fake names and identification of dead pensioners to earn the money fraudulently.

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