Aug. 30, 2021


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Poultry farmers urged to up production

Poultry farmers urged to up production

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TKM Agricultural Solutions (TAS) has strongly encouraged Berea poultry farmers to maximise the local production in order to meet market demands and enhance job creation opportunities.

TAS Director, Tšiu Malefane made these remarks on Friday when awarding certificates of attendance to a group of 14 poultry farmers from Berea, after completing a week-long training on proper management of poultry.

The workshop was held at the Teyateyang LECSA primary school.
Mr Malefane said chicken meat is one of agricultural products which are on high demand in the local market, adding it can be afforded by most consumers.

“But even people who have enough skills are suffering the impacts of poverty and hunger while they are still waiting for donations, hence the initiative to empower them so that they can improve their livelihoods,” he said.
He noted it is time to work in partnership to support local production rather than let the escalating rate of cash flowing to South Africa.

He said there is a need to think out of the box and consider production of chicks.
He said local farmers have to invest in the establishment of slaughter labs and improve packaging of chicken products as part of increasing sales, adding that the government is also considering the strategies of reviving eggs selling cycles.
One of the participants, Tseko Mphole said as a retrenched south African miner, doing poultry framing was something he never thought about, but having gained farming skills from KAS trainings has changed his mindset.

However, he said the lack of partnership among Basotho is killing many local businesses, adding that they have now been equipped with effective means of advertising their businesses in order to increase sales.
He urged fellow farmers to try to separate their family funds from business coffers, saying otherwise that would negatively affect the growth of their businesses.

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In a bid to motivate the newly trained farmers, ’Manketsi Thulo  from the Leribe Poultry Cooperative Society (LPCS) said after receiving similar trainings, they have gained momentum in the poultry business as they now own their own slaughter lab in Maputsoe.
She said the fact that their Berea counterparts have ventured into the poultry farming project implies a new beginning of their partnership.

Mrs Thulo said through such association, they will no longer find themselves running a loss as a result of people who buy on credit.
Meanwhile, a similar training programme has been scheduled for poultry farmers in Maseru. LeNA

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