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Semonkong vendors hard hit by COVID-19 effects

The famous Maletsunyane Falls

Oct. 12, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

STREET vendors and hawkers working in the small rural town of Semonkong say the effect of COVID-19 has been devastating on their trade, hence most of them are now out of business.

One of them, Bokang Lepae who rents out horses and ponies to tourists visiting the Maletsunyane Falls said he was forced to close shop as there have no tourists visiting the historic area in the past six months.
“To make matters worse, when the government set up a relief fund for other sectors, we were left out and now we are starving as we are unable to provide for our families,” Mr Lepae said.
Montšeng Makhabane who is a hawker said her business has collapsed completely as she is unable to cross the border to South Africa to buy stock.
“It is going to be extremely difficult for me start all over again because I have no capital after spending all my funds to survive during the lockdown,” she said.

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She added: “Even though borders have now been opened, it makes no difference because to acquire a COVID-19 free certificate is expensive to enable one to cross into South Africa.”
Lesotho’s latest reports show that as of October 9, there were 20 692 tests conducted with 1 800 positive cases, recoveries at 926 and 42 deaths. LeNA



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