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Small stock farmers have wool rights – PM

Aug. 13, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

MAFETENG - Prime Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro (pictured) says small-stock farmers have full rights on where to sell their wool and mohair.He made these remarks during the launch of the sheep shearing season at a ceremony held at the Duma woolshed in Mafeteng on Monday,

where he showed that no one has the right to tell farmers where to sell their produce.Dr Majoro also called on crop farmers to go out to their fields and cultivate them in order to fight hunger in all forms, adding that the planting season has already began.

He said the government is aware that arable land is diminishing as most people are turning agricultural land into residential sites. Majoro further stressed the need for farmers to ensure production of quality livestock that will feed the whole family, saying that will only happen if pastures are improved.

He said it is not only through production of crops that farmers can feed their families, adding they can even live better lives through livestock products. Speaking at the same occasion, the Minister of Small Businesses Development, Keketso Sello said it is time for wool shearing and farmers are  taking their sheep to wool-sheds countrywide for shearing.

He expressed his satisfaction at the fact that the involved stakeholders have worked tirelessly to stop disputes surrounding the wool and mohair industry. The minister said to strengthen the relationship with small stock farmers, the stakeholders have agreed to meet regularly to discuss problems arising.

He said often, farmers are the ones who feel the pain, hence there is need for the government to fight for their rights, urging all to cooperate until the end of shearing season in February next year. For his part, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Tefo Mapesela said for a long time, wool issues were surrounded by endless squabbles.

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He said one of the major challenges was the foot and mouth disease which also negatively affected the sale of wool, adding, however, that all those challenges have now being resolved as China has agreed to buy from them. Mapesela informed small stock farmers that the government is currently engaged in constructing wool-sheds and renovating the old  ones for smooth operations.

He, however stated that the building at Duma is incomplete as there is some equipment which has not yet been fitted, but saying that equipment will not be used for the shearing process.He requested the management of the Wool and Mohair Growers Association to allow farmers to use the building for shearing of their sheep since they too have a right to use the equipment.

The principal chief of Likhoele Chief Lerotholi Seeiso said the main role of chiefs is to protect the nation together with its property and ensure its welfare at all times. Chief Seeiso said it is a good idea for the agric ministry to give small-stock farmers improved sheep for quality production, adding that although shepherds take care of the livestock, they are however, always forgotten. LeNA

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