Nov. 5, 2021


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Standard Lesotho Bank launches mobile bank

Standard Lesotho Bank launches mobile bank

Standard Lesotho Bank acting Head of Marketing, Manyathela Kheleli

Story highlights

  • Mobile truck will also enable bank to accommodate overflow at ATMs
  • Facility will be serviced with cash in a similar manner to normal ATMs

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STANDARD Lesotho Bank on Wednesday launched a new mobile branch which is essentially a mobile bank fitted on a truck to help bring banking services closer to Basotho, especially in areas where customers are far from branches.

Known as Se-ea-le-Methati, the new mobile bank provides basic banking services including an ATM to dispense cash, two teller services and customer consultant services that are normally found inside traditional branches.

Se-ea-le-Methati is the first of its kind in the financial services sector and the launch of this facility demonstrates the extent to which Standard Lesotho Bank is committed towards making banking services accessible for Basotho.

The target is to fulfill the bank’s strategic intent of being a customer-centric organisation that puts customers at the centre of everything the bank does.

The mobile truck will also enable the bank to accommodate the overflow at ATMs, especially during peak times. It will also be used to provide services during events and other special occasions in cases where there is a need for physical presence for a bank.

“It is our responsibility to listen to our clients and essentially ensure that they are happy because without them, we cannot exist as the bank. That is the reason we decided to come with this new development which talks directly to the needs of our clients,” acting Head of Marketing, Manyathela Kheleli said during the launch.

Se-ea-le-Methati has rough terrain 4x4 capabilities and this is going to give the bank an opportunity to provide services to undeserved areas in remote parts of the country where it will further facilitate the disbursement of grants for the elderly.

The other main benefit of the new development is that it will provide back-up services for branches for purposes of business continuity where the branches are not able to operate for a variety of reasons.

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This requirement has been more evident when COVID-19 cases were reported at branches which had to close.

“Our customers come first and we are well represented in different stages of life where we serve elderly people and the wool and mohair farmers for example. So we noticed that in most cases, commercial banks are only found in towns, but we have customers who have to travel long distances to go to town for our banking services. That is why we came up with this idea which in turn helps us to meet our customers halfway,” said the bank’s Head of Branch Banking, Maleteka Moshabesha.

As part of its operational procedures, Se-ea-le-Methati will not be carrying cash but will be serviced with cash in a similar manner to normal ATMs. It will also be accompanied by high security detail to ensure the safety of the personnel and its infrastructure.

In its pilot project before the launch, the new mobile bank has relieved ATMs in Maseru as well as Mahobong and Maputsoe in Leribe. It has also served communities in Tšakholo, Mafeteng.



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