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Transport operators continue with strike

MRTO Spokesperson Lebohang Moea

Oct. 21, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

TRANSPORT operators have accused government of disrespect following its announcement to temporarily suspend the operations of the Lesotho mobile court.

This comes after the transport operators declared on Monday that they will be going on a week-long protest against the mobile court starting from Wednesday.

The mobile traffic court was introduced in June to try traffic offences on the spot and reduce the huge back lock of traffic cases at the Magistrates’ Courts. The court has been roundly condemned by motorists across the country.

Among other things, public transport operators request that the traffic mobile court, with its draconian rules be removed from local roads because it is also not legal.

Operators accused government of disrespect in that there was never any formal communication, informing them about the suspension.

As a result, they say they will continue with their stay-away until government finds it necessary to approach them for talks.

“We only heard about this suspension on radio. Nothing has been communicated to us so far and we see that as nothing but pure disrespect. We are the ones complaining here, so if there are any developments, they should come to us for such engagements.

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“So we are continuing with our strike because we have a lot of questions regarding decision they took. We want the mobile court off our roads forever and not temporarily. Temporarily means they could bring it back again at a later stage and that is not what we want.

“We have so many questions that need answers. We wrote a letter to government but we are yet to receive any response. This is a sign of disrespect,” said Maseru Region Transport Operators (MRTO) spokesperson Lebohang Moea in an interview with Metro on Wednesday.

Scores of people were seen walking to their different work destinations in the early hours of Wednesday as there was not transport to take them.  

Others were saying they were afraid of losing their jobs if they did not show up at work.


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