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Vodacom Lesotho appoints new boss

The new Vodacom Lesotho boss Mohale Ralebitso

June 4, 2021 3 min read

3 min read

VODACOM Group has appointed Mohale Ralebitso as the new Managing Director of Vodacom Lesotho with effect from June 1.

With a notable wealth of experience, Mr Ralebitso replaces Philip Amoateng who is from Ghana.

Among other things, he will be expected to provide strategic leadership and oversight of Vodacom Lesotho operations in line with the purpose to connect Basotho to a better future.   

The government, through the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology has welcomed the new telecommunications company chief and with great expectations that among other things, he will work towards developing innovative yet affordable products and services most suitable to the country.

“Having looked at Mr Ralebitso’s track record, the ministry and the government of Lesotho accept the entity’s decision to appoint the said candidate who brings in a wealth of knowledge and skills acquired locally and outside Lesotho, including global business leadership that will transform the country’s telecommunications industry,” the Minister of Communications, Science and Technology Keketso Sello said in a statement on Wednesday.

He said his ministry is particularly looking forward to sharing Mr Ralebitso’s experience from his leadership as an entrepreneur in financial services and as former Chief Executive Officer of the Black Business Council in South Africa.

“As the Minister responsible for communications and technology, I wish him all the best in his appointment and trust that with his leadership, Vodacom Lesotho will contribute significantly to the country’s economic growth, progress and integration into the global digital economy,” Mr Sello said.  

With his experience in corporate governance, Mr Ralebitso has held the roles of executive and non-executive director in several organisations including the Old Mutual Foundation, Absa Insurance and Financial Advisors as well as Absa Trust to mention a few.

Before undertaking his new role, he excelled as an entrepreneur and founded an initiative called Itataise Investment.

He holds a Bachelor’s Executive Degree in Political Science.

The new MD will further have to work tirelessly to ensure that Vodacom Lesotho, which has been involved in a bitter scuffle with the Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA), recovers from a revenue drop of 12.2 percent in the past fiscal year as well as regain control after a significant 16.5 percent drop in earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA) during the same period.

The stats were revealed by Vodacom Group Limited in their annual results for the year ended March 31, 2021.

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Vodacom Lesotho has recently been accused, by the LCA of deliberate non-compliance, dishonesty and lack of remorse towards the laws, the resolution which prompted the authority to slap the telecommunication giant with a whooping M134 million in penalties.

Thirty percent of the penalty was payable immediately, with the remaining 70 percent suspended for five years, provided Vodacom does not commit any further contraventions of its regulatory obligations during the said period.

In the event that the company fails to comply, the LCA would proceed to revoke the unified license.

Accordingly, Vodacom was directed to pay M40 200 000 upfront, with the remaining M93 800 000 suspended for five years.

The company however, failed to pay the M40 200 000, forcing the LCA to revoke its license. But, Vodacom took the matter to court, lodging an urgent High Court interdict against the LCA.

The High Court has in the meantime issued an interim order interdicting the LCA from among others enforcing the payment of the said fine and revoking Vodacom Lesotho’s operating license.

The matter was heard in the High Court in December 2020 and judgment is pending.





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