Aug. 7, 2021


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WASCO appeals to customers to settle bills

WASCO appeals to customers to settle bills

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WASCO has strongly appealed to its customers to pay their outstanding bills before August 19 to avoid being cut off from its services.

According to WASCO’s Public Relations Manager, Lineo Moqasa, this applies to all customers with outstanding bills regardless of the amount of money they owe the company.
She said the unpaid bills have negatively impacted the company’s operations as it is unable to implement and complete minor projects within allocated time due to financial constraints.
Ms Moqasa said the utility company is unable to fix broken pipes on time, adding that the technical service unit also needs the same funds for their operations.

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The company, she said understands that customers were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, hence it did not disconnect services in 2020.

“It should be clear that those who will fail to pay within the stipulated time will be disconnected,” she said. LeNA

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