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Water Ministry fails to account for M90 million

July 26, 2018 1 min read

1 min read

Maseru - The Ministry of Water failed to account for M90 million that was paid to contractors who failed to complete their projects. This surfaced during the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) session where the Chairperson of the Committee, Mr. Selibe Mochoboroane stated that they have to account for the money that was paid to contractors who were awarded tenders without following proper procedures.

He indicated that these are public funds and they have to be accounted for, especially since the work was not completed. He then ordered the officers to go provide proper documents that prove how the money was spent. Meanwhile, Mr. Mochoboroane raised concern about the Water and Sewerage Company's (WASCO) failure to implement a non-discriminatory salary structure such that some workers are side-lined while others benefit.

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He highlighted that it is erroneous to have a salary structure that selectively benefits certain workers, adding that such a practice should be explained since the workers are from the same company. On the other hand, WASCO Acting Director Mr. Remaketse Latela indicated that the matter is already before the courts, saying they are however waiting for the judgement on how to deal with matter.

The PAC's main function is to oversee the executive by summoning government ministries to answer queries reported in the Auditor General's financial report. Lena

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