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Workers union seeks court intervention in salary dispute

Picketing factory workers

May 8, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

THE National Clothing Textile and Allied Workers Union (NACTWU) has approached the High Court seeking for an intervention on the salary dispute the workers have with their employers.

The union has also cited the Minister of Labour and Employment and the Attorney General as respondents in the application.

The applicants allege that the minister has failed or disregarded his statutory obligation to publish the reviewed wages for the year 2020 in the Government Gazette.
The union further contends that its members continue to suffer constant prejudice in that they have laboured under darkness as they do not know exactly and to what extent their wages have been reviewed.
It alleges that the minister has now being engaged in the process involving the review of wages for 2021while the 2020 Gazette remains unpublished.
The union is therefore asking the court to order the minister to publish the reviewed wages for 2020 immediately in the Government Gazette.

It further asks that the publication should not have a retrospective effect.
The union states that for the year 2020, the applicants together with other employees’ representatives had proposed a 17 percent wages increase while the employers’ representatives had proposed a 6.5 percent salary hike.

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The union says the minister instead suggested a 5.5 percent wage increase.

It states that the entire process of the wage review was concluded on March, 24 2020, therefore the minister ought to have published in the Gazette whatever wage increment was adopted.

It emphasises that the prejudice suffered by its members is grave, adding that it impacts on their economic and financial wellbeing. LeNA

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