Dec. 19, 2020


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Alarm bells have begun to ring

Alarm bells have begun to ring

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We thank God Almighty that he graced us with more days in our lives and we have come to celebrate Christmas period once again. It’s a grace as some who celebrated last year are today no longer with us because they have departed this world.

This is the period when most parts of the world remember a special man whom God entrusted with authority to remind and persuade us to return to our good ways of the purpose for which God created us. His name is Jesus who was later titled Christ by his followers because of his good deeds. WE THANK GOD.

We are currently confronted by Covid-19, the pandemic that causes havoc in our lives the world over. There is no doubt that the second wave is upon us; if South Africa coughs, Lesotho catches the flu.

The numbers in South Africa are harrowing, especially of young people between the ages of 15 and 19 – a new twist from when the pandemic first struck, when elderly people were the major victims.

This is nothing but a reminder that the Covid-19 is still with us and it looks set to be with us for a long time if not forever. We failed to stop it as the world and we are only left with three options: vaccines that will immunize our bodies, vaccines that will cure it or learn to live with it by managing its presence amongst us.

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To avoid going back to the harsh lockdown restrictions, we urge the Prime Minister to follow suit and emulate President of South Africa by enforcing Covid-19 precautions during this festive period. The current eased precautions are enough to ensure that we avoid the second wave but only if they are monitored and strictly enforced, and whoever is found to be flouting them should be liable to fine or imprisonment on the spot.

We need enforcement.

The pandemic aside, we wish to remind our legislators, our executive and our judiciary that the road ahead is wide, long and serpentine while they still have unsettled crucial national matters on their agenda, especially National Reforms.

The National Reforms should be our priority in 2021. Looking at the history of the process and its repeated breakdowns, we are convinced that Lesotho needs Government of National Unity (GNU). We have considered that three successive coalition governments have failed to execute the National Reforms programme. We therefore call for a 12 months GNU whose responsibility will only be to execute the National Reforms and prepare the ground for universally acceptable election results and a respected government that will follow.

We wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Peaceful, Prosperous and Graceful New Year of 2021.

From our humble beginning as an independent newspaper, we are steady growing with the flourishing readership and increasing support of advertisers. GOD BLESS YOU.

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