March 25, 2021


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Justice should be served now

Justice should be served now

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WHEN a murder suspect suddenly changes his tune and confesses to the murder, things being normal, such a person should simply be send to the gallows if the crime he committed carries a capital punishment.

That admission of guilt would without a doubt save the State a lot of money in prosecution costs and at the same it would mean speedy justice to the family of the victims.

It would also cut the backlog of cases that is synonymous with our justice system.

We are all aware of how cases always drag in court for years on end for a host of unnamed reasons.

After allegedly butchering his wife and staging a car accident which he claimed killed the defenceless woman, Police Constable Lebohang Moletsane finally came to his senses this week and confessed to murdering her.

But the law being what it is, he will still be given a chance to a fair trial, be afforded a lawyer to hold his hand in court and in the end a chance to try to convince the court not to be too harsh on him.

He therefore has a chance to beg for his life and ask for leniency but unfortunately, that is the chance his victim never got when he took his knife and stabbed her to death.

Whatever they were fighting for as husband wife, however, does not justify his actions. He portrayed the kind of brutality that is rarely seen in a man towards his own woman.

He deserves to be locked up in solitude, perhaps in an institution for people with mental illness because only people who are mentally unstable act the way he did.

Evidence in court indicates that prior to fatally stabbing his late wife; Moletsane beat her to a pulp and was consequently locked up for the assault.

But before then, he allegedly committed arson. We are talking about a trained police officer who is supposed to serve and protect, and definitely not to maliciously burn property and murder innocent women.

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It is not clear how he managed to stave off the two cases against him because there is no record of his acquittal in either of those matters.

The list of the man’s past follies is unmistakably endless. But it goes without saying that had justice been served and the man been accordingly prosecuted for assaulting his wife when he did, the poor woman would still be alive and safe, because her aggressor would be behind bars where he belongs.

The chance he was given by whoever it was to perhaps change his ways only aggravated matters, as the temporary reprieve he was afforded went to his head and in the end wrecked lives, including his. 

Let’s hope that when he finally has his day in court upon completion of police investigations into his crimes, real justice will be served and he will subsequently pay for his battery of mistakes.

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