April 22, 2021


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Maletsunyane Falls a hub for real economic growth

Maletsunyane Falls a hub for real economic growth

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A sum of M14 000 might sound relatively insignificant for the development of a struggling rural community that lacks essential services like electricity and portable water.

But that is an ideal starting point for ensuring that the community of any underdeveloped settlement makes headway towards economic growth.  

The community of Semonkong that recently received the money will surely find a productive way to make better use of the funds.

After all, the cash which was in the form of a chegue was earmarked for sound community development projects.

This basically means that the residents of Semonkong are finally reaping the benefits of living near one of the world super tourist attraction sites – the Maletsunyane Falls.

The money which was handed over to the Semonkong Tourism Development Group by the Minister of Tourism was roughly 10 percent of fees for entrance at the Maletsunyane Falls.  

For years, tourists from all over the world who have been frequenting the site to view the unique natural wonder never paid for that epic experience.

So one can only imagine how much maloti, rands or dollars have been lost in the process. Had the money been collected over the past years, several lucrative projects would have been realised and the lives of the community of Semonkong would have long ago changed for the better.

But it had to take a lot of pains and time before someone out there finally realized the worth of the place and its residents.

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What remains to be done is for the ministry of tourism along with the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC) and the Semonkong Tourism Development Group to facilitate more income generating projects that would create sustainable employment for the residents of Semonkong.

The place needs to be turned into a better equipped rural town that would adequately cater for tourists with varied tastes and needs.

That is a guaranteed way to entice more tourists to the place, whether they local or foreign.   

Electrification of the place is the first port of call for the development of the historic place that has great potential to make a significant contribution towards the growth of the country’s economy.

The next best thing would be to provide the place with a reliable supply of clean drinking water through-out the year.

The construction of good hotels and resorts around the waterfalls would also bring life to the settlement which will in the process also create huge employment opportunities for the natural residents of the place.


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