Feb. 2, 2022


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Former ABC cadres form new party

Former ABC cadres form new party

The Secretary General of the EMB, Futho Hoohlo

Story highlights

    The newbie promises to focus and youth empowerment and job creation
    Chairman says they will open doors to every Mosotho to discuss small business development issues

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A group of former members of the ruling All Basotho Convection (ABC) has formed a new party called the Empowerment Movement for Basotho (EMB).

The party is led by Katiso Phasumane as the interim leader and chairperson as well as

Futho Hoohlo who is the secretary general.

The new kid on the block’s slogan is ''Sechaba Falimehang'' – loosely translated to warn the nation

to be vigilant.

Speaking during the launch of the party in Maseru on Monday, Mr Phasumane said as part of their

policy, they will focus on youth empowerment through business establishment and expansion.
He said they did not want to be a dictatorship party but wished to create a consultative platform

that would open its doors to every Mosotho to discuss issues of small business empowerment.

This, he said was after they realised that some of the institutions that were intended to assist youth

were in fact financially inaccessible.
“Agriculture is one of the most important aspects of Lesotho’s economy that could help create

jobs but it is neglected and the Government fails to meet the people who are willing to make it

profitable half way,” he said

Apart from that, he said they wished to see professionalised service delivery through all the

Government sectors.

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The party’s interim committee consists of members who are from other political parties and they

claim to have joined the EMB because it speaks their language.

Phasumane and Hoohlo are from the ABC, Phaeea Sebeso, Mammelela Sekonyela, Nkopane

Rangoako and Tšekelo Lekhooana are from the Basotho National Party (BNP), Chaba Gwele is

from the RCL while Ramaqele Sello is also from the ABC.
The symbol of the party is a hand with middle and ring fingers folded and thumb, pinky and

index fingers are pointing upward and its colours include turquoise blue, gold and black.


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