June 21, 2021


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Mojapela pledges to arrest corrupt politicians

Mojapela pledges to arrest corrupt politicians

SR supporters during their party rally in Hlotse, Leribe on Sunday

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LEADER of Socialist Revolutionaries (SR) Advocate Teboho Mojapela has pledged to arrest all corrupt political leaders if his party becomes part of government.

The wealthy and often ostentatious businessman turned politician says he has a lot of opportunities to win the upcoming 2022 national elections and correct all “ills” the country suffers.

Mojapela popularly known as JP was addressing his supporters at his not-so-well attended rally in Hlotse, Leribe on Sunday.

He said Lesotho lacks the rule of law, adding that this is why politicians who are in power do as they please with public resources.

He accused the ruling regime – the coalition government composed of the All Basotho Convention (ABC) and the Democratic Congress (DC) of corruption and misuse of public funds for their own benefit.
“The Public Accounts Committee has found some of these elite politicians faulty of stealing public funds but until today, nothing has been done about them. They remain free and are not criminally charged like they were supposed to be. When I take control of the government after the 2022 general election, I am going to arrested them all,” he promised.  
However, in his self-contradictory speech, he expressed his profound support for the call to establish the Truth and Reconciliation Commission where people who have wronged others for political reasons could be given a platform to ask for forgiveness.

“If we do not forgive, people like Mochoboroane (Selibe), Metsing (Mothetjoa), Thabane (Motsoahae) and Liabiloe ('Maesaiah)) will eventually be arrested like Kamoli (Tlali). Everybody will be sent to jail. How is that going to help this country?

“My desire is not to become the prime minister of Lesotho but to influence decisions that are made in our Parliament. I want to make each one of you millionaires like myself. Do not believe in people with empty pockets,” he told his followers.

Mochoboroane who is leader of Movement for Economic Change (MEC) and his Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) counterpart Metsing face criminal charges together with former army boss Lieutenant General Kamoli.

Kamoli and other soldiers languish in the Maseru Maximum Prison where they have been remanded in custody by the High Court.

Former Prime Minister Thabane and his wife ’Maesaiah are accused of the murder of his estranged wife Lipolelo Thabane who was gunned down on June 14, 2017.

The Thabanes have denied wrongdoing.
Carrying the slogan "Kanana ea Basotho" (Heaven for Basotho), SR is a party that believes in democratic socialism principles.

In his address on Sunday, Mojapela talked down Lesotho’s current and past leaders, casting himself as the man with solutions for the country.
He took a shot at the leadership of his former ABC, accusing them of self-centredness and corruption.

“They are only interested in filling their stomachs and lining their pockets with public funds.
“I did not decide to be a politician but circumstances forced me to. I could not tolerate the bad behaviour of Mosisili (Bethuel) and Thabane,” he said.

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He added: “Lesotho needs to change for the better. This country longs for peace and stability. That is why I decided to form this party (SR).”
He was quick to note that unlike other politicians, he is not in politics for money, because he has more than enough of his own.

His moneylending company, JP Finance, has 30 branches and 140 employees across the length and breadth of Lesotho.
In South Africa, the company has 60 branches and 250 employees, he informed his keen followers.

Born in 1969 in Liraoheleng, Mokhotlong, Mojapela attended primary school at Molumong LEC Primary before he proceeded to St James Primary in 1983.
A football player during high school days at Thabeng High School in Morija, he gained the nickname “JP” or Jay Phiri. He is a lawyer by profession.

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