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Moleleki applauds DC for youth empowerment

Leader of AD Monyane Moleleki during the party rally in Mohale's Hoek

June 7, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

LEADER of Alliance of Democrats (AD) Monyane Moleleki has applauded the Democratic Congress (DC) and the current coalition government for appointing the youngest member of Cabinet, ’Maletsema Letsoepa Lenkoane who is the new Deputy Minister of Education and Training. Letsoepa Lenkoane is aged 33.

Moleleki promised that when his party becomes party of government after the 2022 general elections, the AD will appoint many young women to the position of minister.

“The party’s ministers group will be composed of a huge number of young women and a few men,” he made these remarks during the party’s rally which was held at the Mohale’s Hoek race course in Mohale’s Hoek on Sunday.

He said the AD has also resolved that Tatolo Sefeane will represent the party in the Mohale’s Hoek Constituency No 58 during the by-elections to be held later this year.  

He was confident that Sefeane who is a former Office Secretary in the Mohale’s Hoek’s District Administrator’s office will win the upcoming elections, owing to his preparations for the polls.

Moleleki also announced that the AD will elect its National Youth Committee in October after failing to elect it due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

“I urge you fellow party members not to rejoice when other members defect from their parties as such defections affect the entire nation. Defections in the ruling ABC (All Basotho Convention) resulted in the AD being kicked out of the past 4X4 coalition government.

“I also plead with you to avoid criticizing other parties and making enemies with them as there is no real enemy in politics. The youth, should totally avoid insulting the elders in order to gain political recognition,” he also said.  

The former Deputy Prime Minister was quick to note that the Member of Parliament for the Movement for Economic Change (MEC), Thabo Ramatla joined the AD on the same day.

Moleleki said Ramatla was on two occasions attacked and shot by unknown people, accusing leader of the National Assembly and Deputy Prime Minister Mathibeli Mokhothu of failing to visit Ramatla at his home and providing him with essential security.

Members of AD during the Sunday rally in Mohale's Hoek

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“The American government was on the verge of giving Lesotho an additional $750 million during the Motsoahae Thabane and his 4by4 government. Earlier, they had provided Lesotho with a sum of $362 million during the Dr Pakalitha Mosisili administration due to good governance. But the current government is popular for poor governance,” he also said.

Moleleki further accused the DC is only being part of government so that it could have access to the state resources to enable the party push its campaign for the upcoming 2022 elections.

The AD also welcomed 150 new members.

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