Sept. 10, 2021


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TRC sues IEC, political parties

TRC sues IEC, political parties

The High Court of Lesotho

Story highlights

  • Body cited 40 political parties as respondents
  • Says parties not compliant with National Assemblies Act

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THE Transformation Resource Centre (TRC) has filed an application in the High Court, accusing both the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and the Registrar of Societies of breaching their constitutional and legislative mandates.

TRC together with the Democratic Party of Lesotho (DPL) have also cited 40 other political parties as respondents in the matter.
The applicants are seeking to regularise compliance with the National Assembles Electoral Act No. 14 of 2011 by all political parties and the (IEC) as well as Office of Registrar of Societies.
They therefore contend that the political parties which have been cited as respondents are illegally participating in the national institutional structures as they are not compliant with the law.
They argue that the parties continue to form and participate in the national institutional structures and purport to legitimately represent some sections of Basotho.

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They say there is an urgent need to clear the registry of political parties registered with the IEC, which are not compliant with the law.
They are among others asking that the decision of the IEC to recognise the said parties as legitimate and or voluntary organisations with full rights which accrue in terms of the law be reviewed, corrected and set aside on account of being unlawful.
The applicants have also asked for an order directing the IEC to start the hearing of non-compliant political parties in terms of Section 27 (2) of the National Assembly Electoral Act no 14 of 2011. LeNA




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