Ending child marriage campaign continues

Maseru – In a continuing campaign to end child marriage, World Vision Lesotho’s Advocacy and Justice for Children Manager, Mrs Maseisa Ntlama has strongly urged children to focus on their studies as marriage is meant for adults.

Mrs Ntlama said failure for children to perform well in their studies triggers them to resort to marriage which she said is meant for adults.

Ntlama urged parents to ensure that children access education as it is the key to success. She also acknowledged that poverty is one of the main challenges that drive children to marry at a young age due to parents inability to pay for school fees.

“Parents should mould their children and ensure that their basic needs, which include food, clothes and shelter are met. You should give children parental love, care and support so that they can focus on their studies”, she said.

She further encouraged children to participate in different religious activities so that they could grow spiritually and be able to combat challenges facing them.

She concluded by calling on all government ministries, parents and members of the public to combat the root causes of child marriage for the betterment of children.

World Vision is embarking on a campaign to end child marriage in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development and the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF).

Statistics form UNICEF indicated that child marriage increased by 19% in 2016 in the country while those from the National Census indicated that it increased to 24% in 2017.

The Ending Child Marriage campaign has already been launched by 21 African Union member states including Lesotho. Lena 

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