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Fuel shortage hits Maseru

Nov. 29, 2018 2 min read

MASERU - Fuel shortage has hit the Maseru city since Monday this week as filling stations’ pumps ran dry. Many motorists were left stranded and were seen running helter-skelter in search of any filling station that might have a little to fill up.

There were long queues in the city. Some motorists were seen running with containers. Thabang Lefisoane, one of the motorists, was fuming and puzzled after failing to fill up his tank as he found all out-of-petrol stations closed in longest ominous shortage of petrol to hit Lesotho in decades. “This situation will not affect only our daily errands but the economy of the country in the long run if no immediate measures are undertaken to address it,” he said explaining that he relies on his bakkie to and from work every day.'Mabatlokoa Molapo-Letlela, a Senior Manager at the Taipe Enterprises said the shortage of petrol since Monday has led to the loss amounting to M150,000. “The garage has a staff of 20 petrol attendants but diesel 50 was still available. We were that the problem has been caused by the company supplying petrol as it was going through management change,” she said.


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She added: :The company sent us a message on Monday which said, ‘to cater for the high demand during the festive season and to avoid stock cuts, please be informed that Puma Energy has changed its fuel supplier from today (Monday)’.” She said the message further said the process had already affected some local deliveries and therefore apologised for the great inconvenience while they understand how frustrating this process is as it has delayed deliveries to their respective sites. ‘We kindly ask your cooperation and understanding during this change,’ the message read.

Frontline Filling Station manager, Patel Tosif also lamented the loss of business, saying since the problem began on Monday, he has lost a profit estimated at M315,500 while the sales were estimated at M807,300. “I decided to release my 25 Petrol Attendants to stay at home during this period as they had nothing to do. We have been promised that the two petrol trucks will bring fuel to supply the 25 garages in Maseru. I wonder if that would be enough to relief the situation,” he said. When approached for comment Petroleum Fund Chief Executive Officer Lebohang Makhoali explained that the information he got was that the delay was caused by one company that has changed its supplier. He said: “I hope the situation will improve within no time. I appeal for calm.”

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