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Health inspectors lambast Jonsson Factory

Jonsson Factory workers in Maputsoe

May 27, 2020 2 min read

LERIBE - The Manager of Jonsson Factory in Maputsoe has admitted that the factory failed to align with some of the COVID-19 regulations when reopening for business on May 13.

When addressing the District Emergency Command Center (DECC) team that was on inspection visit, Pinkie Chabalala said the factory has taken some of precautions.

She however, indicated that they needed the assistance of the Ministry of Health in educating the factory workers about the COVID-19 guidelines.

Chabalala admitted there were workers who did not have face masks because they only started work on the said day and all preparations were not yet in place.

Jonsson Production Manager ’Mampho Pitso also showed that, in relation to the matter in question, on the day they reopened for business, the first shift was provided with face masks but the second shift was called to work unexpectedly, hence they had no masks.

She said the management opted for shifts so to effect social distancing.

However, she showed that the management is working hard to correct the situation in order to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19.

She cited water scarcity as another major problem they are facing, adding they desperately need the water to wash their hands and for ablution purposes.

The Health Officer from the Ministry of Health ’Makhatiso Mojakisane condemned the factory’s management for undermining the provisions of the COVID-19 Gazette, saying it was risky for employees to be allowed into the firm without protective attire.

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She said it was inappropriate for the firm to target a massive production while it fails to protect the health of its workers.

“Critical measures in preventing COVID-19 are washing hands, sanitizing and wearing masks,” Mojakisane said.

She further showed that thermo scanners are needed as the screening for body temperature has to be adhered to on a daily basis.

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