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Hospitality industry invited into AUSC plans

AUSC CEO Morake Raleaka

Dec. 14, 2019 2 min read

MASERU – The local organising committee for the forthcoming 2020 AUSC Region 5 youth games, to be held in December next year, met with stakeholders in the hospitality industry to discuss participation to make the games a success while also profiting from them.

AUSC Region 5 youth games CEO, Morake Raleaka, says it would be prudent for the country to prepare the world class hospitality for the international competitors who will converge in Maseru for the games.

He said it was the responsibility of his committee to ensure that the country will be ready in all sectors to host the games, warning that failure to provide adequate accommodation could tarnish the image of country and also restrict it from being given another chance to host other games.

“Our country should provide outstanding service to our visitors on these games so that they can even recommend us whenever there is another opportunity of hosting other games,” said Raleaka.  

Raleaka, however, indicated that service providers ensure that they deliver services that will entice the visitors to return to Lesotho.

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He said they have also met with several government ministries to discuss and map a way forward the games memorable.

“These games are a great platform for us to proof our worth and also maintain our countries image in the international countries,” he highlighted.

The President of the Lesotho Hotels and Hospitality Association (LHHA), ‘Marethabile Sekhiba, applauded the organizing committee for this move and emphasized that they have brought to the association’s management certain factors that they were not awar.

She indicated that they were ready to accommodate the visitors even though there were some minor renovations that they have to make. Sekhiba indicated that the renovations that they are going to make will remain a legacy that will help them even when the games are over.

“After maintaining our hotels, guest houses and B and Bs the upgrades will last longer and remain the mechanism that will generate us income even in the future. 

She said some of the recommendations of the organizing committee are WIFI and laundry service but they are going to improve even more than that to give outstanding service.

“We are going to work on how to serve some individuals who cannot speak English and also to serve the disabled among others,” she said.

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