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Kabi discourages burning of pastures

The Minister of Water Affairs Nkaku Kabi

Sept. 12, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

THE Minister of Water Nkaku Kabi has warned the public to refrain from burning pastures as it destroys soil properties as well as prohibits water penetration and proper storage of underground water.

This, he said during an event held in Tšehlanyane, Leribe on Friday where he showed that due to limited water sources, the ministry will through the Lowlands Water Development Project II supply water in different villages from Tšehlanyane to parts of Berea.

Mr Kabi said although herd-boys believe that burning land quickens the growth of green grass, the practice destroys the land so much that during rainy days, and it does not allow penetration of water.

He advised the community councilors to ensure that the land is not burnt by the villagers.

The Minister said the water will be taken from the tunnel based in Tšehlanyane to other villages, promising that all villages affected by the pipeline will be supplied with water.
He also encouraged members of parliament and chiefs to be more vigilant to the progress of the project and ensure that the villagers whose land has been affected are compensated.

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Speaking at the same occasion, MP for Pela Tšoeu constituency Mphosi Nkhasi expressed his gratitude to the minister, saying people in that area have been struggling for years to get portable water.

The Lowlands Water Development Project II is funded by World Bank, falling within Zone 2 and 3 and constitutes eight zones of the lowlands settlements.

Zone 2 covers Hlotse, Maputsoe, Corn Exchange Hleoheng, Khanyane, Nchee, Tsikoane, Mahobong, Tabola, Kolojane, Matlameng, Makhoa and Bela Bela and Mapoteng in Berea.

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