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Masianokeng pioneers live mohair auction

Oct. 3, 2019 2 min read

MASERU - The first wool and mohair auction is scheduled to be staged live in Masianokeng on October 7, chairperson of government’s wool and mohair sub-committee Chief Thesele ’Maseribane has announced.

Chief ’Maseribane said through the landmark initiative, licensed foreign auctioneers were invited to do their trade in Lesotho. “For this, I applaud the government for its ground breaking effort that will also contribute towards improving Lesotho’s economy as it supports the policy of localising the wool and mohair trade in the country”. Maluti Wool and Mohair Centre representative, David Telford, said his company was one of the few that had been awarded a licence in auctioneering of wool and mohair. 

Mr Telford therefore thanked the government for the gesture which he said was not an entitlement but a privilege secured upon successfully meeting the application requirements. He said this would enable international buyers to come to Lesotho to help improve the economy. He said this first auction would focus on mohair, whose evaluation was scheduled to span between Wednesday and Thursday. 

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He said this would happen in the presence of the buyers from various companies represented by five agents present at the briefing and some of whom he said were based in Port Elizabeth. He said the buyers were in Lesotho to participate in the auction, adding that everybody was welcome to witness the inaugural event. Minister of Defence, Tefo Mapesela, as a member of the wool and mohair committee similarly showed appreciation for the agents’ presence in Lesotho after heeding the country’s auctioneering guidelines. 

Mr Mapesela said they would compete for the mohair guided by the localisation policy which was compliant with the country’s laws and conducive to its economic climate. He said there was no monopoly in the business, emphasising that participants were strictly competitors who would bid with other farmers. The evaluation and appraisal of the mohair will, meanwhile, be executed by viewing a catalogue of various products from shearing traders and the plan is to get a 201 mohair clip for the international market while farmers will also be paid in time. 


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