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PAC suspended indefinitely

Selibe Mochoboroane

Sept. 6, 2018 2 min read

2 min read

The Parliamentary portfolio Public Accounts Committee (PAC) suspended its sittings until further notice. This was revealed by the PAC Chairperson Selibe Mochoboroane, saying the sittings have been suspended due to other commitments of the committee that were already on the calendar.

He said the commitments among others include the workshop that they have to attend as Members of Parliament towards the end of this week, highlighting that for the past weeks they had to attend the leaders’ forum on national reforms. He added that the workshop will be followed by a two-week Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Southern Africa Development Community Organisation of Public Accounts Committees, which will be in Namibia.

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Commenting on whether the suspension had anything to do with appearance of the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology before the committee which is alleged was supposed to be on Monday this week where he once served as a minister, Mr Mochoboroane refuted the allegation, saying the ministry, like all others, will appear before the committee when it is due. He emphasised that, according to the PAC’s schedule, the Ministry of Mining was supposed to appear again and not the Mistry of Communications. He assured that after the AGM, the sittings will resume especially since they have to compile a report that has to be out before Christmas holidays.

The PAC sittings were suspended in May this year following a statement issued by the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly which had stated that all committees were prohibited from using the chamber for their sitting, based on safety, as per the statement issued but a month later in June was back in operation. According to Lena, early last month, the proceedings of PAC did not appear live on television due to the breakage of the state’s broadcasting machine. Lena

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