Govt car goes up in flames


PEKA – A vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Justice was earlier today burned to ashes along the Main North 1 Road, in Ha Makhaketsa, Peka.

The car was travelling from Leribe and heading to Maseru when it caught fire. 

Its driver escaped unharmed although he suffered great shock. 

The bizarre incident left by-standers, other motorists and the driver confused as to what could have sparked the fire that completely consumed the new Toyota Hilux GD6.

“I first noticed smoke and flames coming from under dash  board. Within no time, the whole vehicle was on fire. I don’t understand what could have gone wrong because it was a new car,” said the driver who talked to Metro on condition of anonymity as his bosses had not yet been notified about the accident.

A mechanical engineer and lecturer by profession who arrived at the scene, Kelebone Fitoro said because the car was in motion when it went up in flames, the fire was probably a result of a factory fault on the model. 

 “This incident requires an intense investigation, it might even entail the manufacturers recalling their products because of a factory fault and failure to do so could lead to more and even fatal accidents,” Fitoro said. 

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