Jan. 11, 2022


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Basotho must produce vaccination cards – Ntoi

Basotho must produce vaccination cards – Ntoi

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    Vaccines ensure that workers are protected against contracting the virus
    The target was to vaccinate 1.6 million Basotho against COVID-19 by December

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THABO Ntoi, the National COVID-19 Secretariat (NACOSEC) Deputy Chief Executive Officer Operational Support says Basotho including all Government employees and those from the private sector should still produce vaccination cards when accessing services.

He said the vaccines ensured that workers were protected against contracting the virus which could lead to workplaces closing due to a high number of COVID-19 cases.
“The expectation is for heads of departments and Principal Secretaries to ensure that employees have cards as proof that they have vaccinated while at the same time allowing those who have not vaccinated to go to the health centres for their jabs,” Mr Ntoi said.
He said people who had vaccinated but did not get their vaccination cards should return to the health centres to be issued with such cards, adding that even those who were vaccinated in the villages should go to their respective health centres.  
Even though the country had set the target to have about 1.6 million Basotho vaccinated against COVID-19 by December, the said target was not met.

If the target was reached, he said they would then have known that the services were being accessed without fear of contracting the virus.

He said to date they had covered about 830 120 people, adding that this was due to some hiccups which included hard to reach places, people's hesitation to vaccinate as well as the prevailing bad weather conditions.

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Mr Ntoi said the infections were high, but indicated that deaths and admissions at health centres were low.

He urged Basotho to vaccinate in large numbers for protection of their health and their families.
He said the country was still on blue colour code with less restrictions, adding that people should enjoy themselves responsibly while adhering to the COVID-19 protocols.

At the time of going to print, latest statistics from NACOSEC showed that to date, 352 027 tests had been conducted with 30 651 positive cases and 17 486 recoveries.

At least 678 COVID-related deaths have been recorded to date. LeNA

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