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Blood donating club strives to save lives

A youth donating blood

May 16, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

PRESIDENT of the Blood for Life Donor Club, Khoabane Chapi says donating blood is key to saving lives, calling on all Basotho to voluntarily donate blood on a regular basis.

The aim of the club, he said is to ensure that there is always enough blood to meet the demands of the blood bank.
Mr Chapi said people always need blood urgently, as a result the availability of blood is highly important as they will be able to provide those in need on time.
He said when a person who is a regular donor is in desperate need of blood, they are given first preference, urging people to make it a habit to frequently donate blood as it also has valuable health benefits.
Mr Chapi called upon interested individuals to join the initiative as they plan to have a database which will be used to assist those who urgently need blood in times of crisis.
For his part Letšasa Molete from the Lesotho Blood Transfusion Service (LBTS) said the Blood for Life Donor Club came to their rescue at the right time when they were in great shortage of blood.

He said at the moment, the LBTS is even using family replacement to respond to the need that occurs.
“But family replacement donors pose challenges that include being sick and not eligible to donate, while others are not a match to our patients,” Mr. Molete also said.

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He noted that donating blood has several health benefits such as regulating blood pressure, reducing chances of heart attack by 40 percent as well as reducing chances of nose bleeding among others.
A regular donor, Relebohile Maqhasa said she is proud of the difference her blood is making in life.

LBTS is a department within the Ministry of Health which collects blood from non-remunerated blood donors and supplies it to various government and private hospitals as well as clinics. LeNA

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