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Global infection hits 664, 000

Coronavirus kill more people

March 29, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

Global deaths from the virus have surpassed 30,847, with more than 10,000 of those in Italy and the US has the most confirmed cases worldwide at 124,377 surpassing China and Italy. Coronavirus can infect humans and animals at the same time as reports show that a pet cat has been infected with the novel coronavirus after being contaminated by its owner, Belgian health authorities said, ruling out any risk of contamination to humans from home animals.

More than 30,847 people have died after contracting Covid-19, from more than 664,000 confirmed cases. Among the countries to report new cases are South Korea (105) and and Thailand (143). China said it had 45 new cases on Saturday with all but one imported. France has passed 2,000 deaths. Spain, Northern Ireland and Timor-Leste are among countries to introduce new waves of restrictions.

Italy recorded almost 1 000 deaths, the worst one-day coronavirus toll anywhere around the world, according to the civil protection agency.

The national health institute (ISS) said Italy has not yet peaked, but could “in the next few days,” as infections continue to slow.

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The United States has become the country with the most coronavirus infections, as more than 124,377 people have tested positive, according to Johns Hopkins University. Nearly 18 000 cases were recorded in 24 hours.

The World Health Organization’s regional director for Africa warned the continent faced a “dramatic evolution” of the pandemic, with some 40 nations now affected, compared with only one a month ago.

The WHO warned a dire lack of protective gear for health workers battling the pandemic is one of the most pressing threats in the fight to prevent deaths.

A giant 1,000-bed US naval hospital ship arrived in Los Angeles, where it will be used to ease the strain on the city’s emergency rooms. 

South Africa came under a nationwide military-patrolled three-week lockdown, its people joining the more than three billion across the world who have been told to stay at home.

France extended its coronavirus lockdown for another two weeks to 15 April as the premier warned of an “extremely high” surge in cases.

Pope Francis stood alone in Saint Peter’s Square to bless Catholics around the world suffering under the coronavirus pandemic, urging people to ease their fears through faith.

Sources: AFP/AP/Reuters

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