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Govt increases access to clean, modern energy sources

The Minister of Water Nkaku Kabi

Oct. 27, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

ACCESS to sustainable modern energy underpins health, education and livelihoods and increases resilience to climate change, yet a lot of people have no access to electricity and use dangerous and unhealthy fuels for lighting and cooking.

In a bid to ensure that energy is universally accessible and affordable in a sustainable manner, the Ministry of Energy and Meteorology (MEM) has launched the Lesotho Renewable Energy and Energy Access Project (LREEAP).

The project is meant to increase access to electricity with a minimal negative impact on environment in the country. Speaking at the launch on October 22, the Minister of Water Affairs Nkaku Kabi on behalf of his Energy and Meteorology Services counterpart said the objective of the project is to increase access to electricity in rural and peri-urban areas of Lesotho through grid extension to peri-urban areas, rural electrification by mini-grids, and to provide technical assistance and implementation support to the ministry for effective project implementation.

Mr Kabi said the project is aligned with international, regional as well as national sustainable socio-economic development aspirations, which include the United Nations (UN) sustainable development and global goals and the UN sustainable energy for all.

“It is also aligned with the national energy policy 2015-2025, which states that energy shall be universally accessible and affordable in a sustainable manner, with minimal negative impact on the environment,” he said.

Speaking at the same event, the Minister of

Development Planning, Selibe Mochoboroane said Lesotho has always faced challenges in respect of renewable energy.

He said considering the challenges encountered by the sector and knowing that electricity plays a major role in life, Lesotho has planned a better access to reliable and affordable energy sources, which will improve access to the population.

Mr Mochoboroane thanked the World Bank on behalf of the Lesotho government for providing support and working tirelessly with the ministry of energy to ensure that the project becomes a success.

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Development planning minister Selibe Mochoboroane

For his part, the World Bank country representative to Lesotho, Yoichiro Ishihara said the project is important to achieving the sustainable development goals with affordable and clean energy for all.

He said they are focussing on low and lower-medium income countries like Lesotho, adding that he is hopeful for a good start in the project to benefit Basotho.

Lesotho Renewable Energy and Energy Access Project is a seven-year programme funded by both the government and the World Bank.



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