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Help Lesotho responds to COVID-19 crisis

Members of the Help Lesotho Girl4ce Movement

Sept. 29, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

IN response to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Help Lesotho through its different programmes has included education to assist its active and former participants in the four districts where it operates from.

The districts include Botha-Bothe, Leribe, Thaba-Tseka and Berea.
According to Help Lesotho Grant Implementation and Impact Manager Sello Matsoso, after the first main lockdown, the organisation started including the COVID-19 education in its programmes with a view to prevent and fight the pandemic.
Mr Sello said the Girl4ce programme, which is aimed at passing information on Gender Based Violence in different areas has also included education on the virus which has killed thousands of people around the world.
The same education is included in grandmothers’ and young mother’s programmes to help them care for themselves and others against the deadly virus.

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Mr Matsoso said the herd boy’s programme is still ongoing to help the latter prevent the spread of the virus.
He said due to COVID-19, Gender Based Violence is high and poverty has affected almost every household, hence, the organisation has so far distributed food parcels to 1 300 people under its database.

The database, he said includes the elderly people, herd-boys, young women and youths
This is in preparation for another food distribution project which is intended to take place on a date yet to be announced this week in Hlotse.


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