Aug. 6, 2021


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Leribe residents welcome COVID-19 vaccines

Leribe residents welcome COVID-19 vaccines

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SINCE the COVID-19 vaccination campaign kicked off this week, communities in Leribe have turned up in high numbers at the designated points throughout the district to get their respective jabs.

Though some members of the community made quite clear that they do not want to be vaccinated, others are just too keen to get their jabs.  

One of the residents, ’Manthabiseng Folake said she was desperate to get vaccinated together with her family as they do not want to catch the deadly virus.

“The pandemic makes one take the vaccination process seriously as it is transmitted from one person to the other,” she said.
After she received her jab, Mrs Folake said she did not have any major side effects, except a minor headache.

Another resident, Rethabile Mohapi said the vaccination campaign has come at the right time even though it does not necessarily protect them from catching the virus.

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“Elderly people and those with diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure have shown up in large numbers at the vaccination points as they are more prone to the COVID-19 pandemic. We would really appreciate it if the vaccines could stop the virus and things returned to normal,” Mr Mohapi said.

The COVID-19 pandemic secretariat in Leribe is currently disseminating educational materials and information about the vaccine to the communities in different parts of the district. LeNA

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